Saturday, 2 August 2008


It's been a while, but yesterday having watched "Zombie Haiku" on Youtube (courtesy of a Boing Boing link, and by the way, I guess the link is a little bloody and zombie-ish, so reader beware) I was inspired to write a couple of haiku in the evening. The first actually is a zombie haiku, and is - in some ways - a bit of a cop out, but I think that a lot of fun could be had with it, especially if one was to illustrate it in a really interesting way.

brains... brains... brains... brains... brains...
brains! brains-brains-brains... brains...? BRAINS!!! brains...
brains...? b-b-braaaains? braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains...

Let's leave aside the pedantic notion of whether or not zombies really go for brains, or whether it is just a general human flesh thing that they do. I quite like the idea of zombie haiku as a funny little thing, and the haiku in the Youtube video are pretty funny.

The second haiku that came to me is more of a story - well, not quite. Or rather, I was originally thinking of it as the starting point of a story (not in a haiku form, but in some kind of descriptive prose) but then I realised that perhaps the simple imagery of it - and everything that might be suggested by it, or one's own imagination could create from it might make it quite a nice little haiku.

The black box tumbled;
Blocking sunlight we saw it,
And all we knew changed.

That's all I got for now, maybe more later. I was going to go out trainer shopping, but I think that the shopping centre will be busy (and plus, no-one should ever go to a mall when they've been thinking about zombies, it's just wrong) and I can probably shop in more peace if I go tomorrow.

The rest of the family are all out now, so I might just use this opportunity to get some writing done that I keep putting off...

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