Sunday, 1 February 2009

V Day

Nope, not Victory or Valentine's, but Vegetarian. For the next month I'll not be eating meat or fish, see how it goes. I don't think I'll give up meat and fish after this, but I just thought it would be good to do this from time to time (for three months over the course of 101/1001). Kind of a detox, kind of encourages me to do something different.

I'm also hoping to eat my "five-a-day" every day for a month. I struggle with this quite a lot most of the time, not because I don't like fruit and veg (although I'm not that keen on most fruits if I'm honest), but because it just feels like there is only so much you can eat sometimes!

I'll be keeping a record of what I eat and the impact that this has on my health/weight as well. Another resolution for this month is to do at least a kilometre every day on my cross trainer (I should be able to do much more than that, but at the very least if I do that I will feel like I've done something). Am hoping that a combination of eating healthier and definitely doing more exercise will result in the start of weight loss and trimming down.

AND if all that wasn't enough, I'm going to start keeping a written diary as well (Thing 2). I used to keep a journal some years ago, and eventually fell out of the habit; I would write every morning and evening as I got the train over to uni. I now fill that time reading, and I like reading during that time, so I'm going to have to find time to keep my journal. Edited highlights will appear here over the coming months.

So, many beginnings today... Here's hoping that I see these things through to their conclusions!

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