Monday, 16 November 2009

Once again, time slips

Sorry to anyone who continues to check this blog! I have been lax of late, since my return from Japan, not because I have not been doing anything towards my 101/1001, but because I have been doing so much else besides as well that it has been difficult to update this blog. I need to build some time into my day/week in order to do this more. In fact, I have some half-written posts about the end of my US Road Trip that I should finish soon, and lots and lots of pictures from that trip to upload to Flickr too.

Why has it been taking me a long time to write? Well...

...I got engaged!!! So my time has been invested instead in thinking about engagement party planning, wedding planning, life planning, work planning - lots of planning! It's all good, and sooner or later I will establish some rhythm to my life - at the moment there is not so much rhythm to my days, hours and weeks as there is freeform happiness.

Life is very good, and I hope to continue sharing that in the near future. 'Til then, take care, and do check back.


Bethany said...


Matt said...

oh wow, congratulations man!

Curate Karen said...

So happy for you!
(And it will be great to see more photographs from your travels one day on Flickr!)

zero_zero_one said...

@Bethany: Thanks! :)

@Matt: Thanks Matt; I'm probably going to delete my RvB account soon, but you can still get in touch with me through here or through Facebook if you track me down.

@Karen: Thanks! Really glad that you could come on Sunday, was great to see you and the family after so long :)

manda said...


how did you enjoy my country? lol were we as self centered as I've been told we are? next time you should come down to florida.