Friday, 25 July 2008

The Dark Knight

Here's my review of The Dark Knight:

"Amazing beyond words."

Don't really know what to add to that. It was one of the most brilliant films I've seen in the last few years, a sprawling, epic story which tied together comic book lore, superb action sequences and a fantastic script, which was then fused beneath some incredible performances: everyone is talking about the late Heath Ledger - and rightfully so - but Aaron Eckhart deserves a lot of praise too, as does the rest of the cast.

Empire and SFX, the two magazines that I trust when it comes to film and book reviews said this and this about The Dark Knight. Go and see it, if you haven't already. If you have, go and see it on IMAX. If you've seen it on IMAX then you're luckier than me (but I intend to follow your lead very soon!).

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Latharia said...

I'm right with you: we were superbly impressed & are planning on a second viewing to catch anything we might have missed!