Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Thing 65: Flickr

I finally pulled my finger out and signed up for Flickr this morning! Someone was telling me that I don't have enough pics on Facebook, and this set off my thinking about 101/1001 and the fact I hadn't started on Flickr yet. Now, Thing 65 says that I will sign up and upload 101 pictures. This morning I uploaded 30 pictures, but I'm tweaking the idea of Thing 65 so that I'm uploading 101 pictures that I take or make AFTER signing up.

I've only used the site for about an hour or so, but already I love it. Registering was a bit of a chore, having to get a Yahoo ID first, but after that it's all good. The interface is beautiful, it's totally pain-free to use.

So. Time to take more pictures!


Sarah Monteith said...

yurs, I did too. bin meaning to ferages. impending screnzy impeding ability to write coherent inglish. noooooooo.......

zero_zero_one said...

"Nooooooo" indeed.