Sunday, 15 March 2009

Thing 93 Complete!

1. All-out, intense (12)
7. Woman's undergarment (4)
8. Physical effort (8)
9. Stimulant (6)
10. Tennis bat (6)
11. Attempt (3)
12. Whale food (5)
14. Rocky projection (5)
16. Upper limb (3)
18. French brandy (6)
20. Enthusiastic (6)
22. Plant scientist (8)
23. Hideaway (4)
24. Tiny scurrying animal (6-6)

1. Coal-miner (7)
2. Himalayan kingdom (5)
3. Excuse (6)
4. Speculative idea (6)
5. News item (7)
6. Run away and marry (5)
13. Ancestry (7)
15. Earth's attractive force (7)
16. Sharpness (6)
17. Call to duty (6)
19. Aroma (5)
21. Subordinate to (5)

It always seems to happen when I try to fill in a crossword that there is one answer that I just can't get. Well, that's if I get that far. Sometimes I just stare after the first half dozen answers are filled in... Which is why I decided that this would be a good challenge for my 101 things. I've tried about twenty so far, maybe more, and was beginning to think that this might be something where effort alone was not going to win the day, I needed a bit of luck.

I had two pieces of luck today: one was that this crossword started me off with a good few answers; the second was that the final clue I needed to answer was "9. Stimulant (6)" and I had "_I_L_P". This in itself was not lucky, but the fact that the only word I could think of that would fit that was "FILLIP" was a bit fortuitous. And it was right! I have no idea where I saw that word, possibly in some classic novel.

In any case, another one down! I can switch focus to another one of my goals, onwards and upwards!


Sarah Monteith said...

Haha very well done, Dr Ryder!

We're looking for a new bass player for our band... I'm not joking... :-)

zero_zero_one said...

Thanks Sarah!

Well, I might look cool holding a bass - just comes from being naturally cool I guess ;) - but as I can't play a single note playing in a band might be a way off yet! :)