Monday, 27 April 2009

Maths Papers

A few days ago it dawned on me that I had completely overlooked one of my 101 things that I had made some progress on, namely thing number 61, to get three papers/preprints from work in my thesis. As it stands my supervisor and I have two papers based on material from my thesis, both of which are available to view online at the arXiv, and you can find links to them here.

One of them is currently being reviewed for a special edition of Topology (which will cover some conference proceedings) and we are still deciding on where to submit the more recent paper, which was loaded on to the arXiv in February I believe. The earlier paper was put up last August! I can't believe that I totally forgot about it.

I might try collecting some thoughts for a preprint on a polynomial time method for calculating polynomials invariants of knots presented as plaits. If that makes any sense to you, please get in touch!


Anonymous said...

I mean... it makes sense to me in that I understand the topic. But I have very very very little working knowledge in this field (talking specifically about polynomial time methods for etc.)


zero_zero_one said...

Will see what I can do over coming months to pull this paper together. In fact, I don't think I want it to be a paper that you would have to be an expert in knot theory to understand, because although the work took a while and is - even if I say so myself - quite clever, I think that it's something that has important points which could be understood by anyone with a decent maths background.

Like yourself! :)