Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Haiku, early September 2009

And finally haiku from the last week; this takes the total up to an even 50, halfway through my personal haiku goal. I've decided to put them altogether into some kind of pdf or something at the end, and maybe there'll be between six and twelve that are half decent!

The difficult choice,
To do it on the morrow
Or to stay up late...

The rain keeps falling,
Vanish, like my tears, an

We preen and we pose,
For what? Life comes to its close
And nobody knows...

Evil moth sits and stares,
Pretends not to notice that
I have noticed it

Dumb dickhead chav kids,
Riding bikes and swearing lots
Because it's 'clever'

Funny smell on train,
Oh, but it's not me again;
Hmm, what is that stain?

As the train pulls in,
I think about pulling out
And what that could mean

I catch the train (just)
All out of puff, and shiver,
Then count my blessings

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