Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Haiku, June and July

It's some time since I have shared haiku that I have been writing, actually since before I went on my road trip; but that doesn't mean that I haven't been writing them, far from it. In the next few posts I've collected together some of the haiku that I've been jotting down in my Moleskine over the summer, and eventually ending up in the first week of September. As ever, let me know if you like them! I'm not always sure that I do by the time I come to share them, maybe one in ten stands out at me as something neat or interesting.

A note: some of these are quite specific, and were obviously influenced by things going on around me at the time, so I think I might add some commentary in the comments at a later date (but one not too far in the future).


She always teases,
Pointing out my shortcomings.
I laugh, but she's right.

It is not a dream;
I never want to forget
This wonderful day


The mirror cracks wide,
I can't see myself inside,
The old me has died?

Fingers go walking;
It's spring down in the valley
I can't help myself.

Your nails rake me,
The sensation makes me gasp!
Your soft lips delight.

So... The Blue Man Group?
Or David Copperfield?!
But... Jerry Seinfeld!

An Angus Burger
Is dirty, but Taco Bell
Is really much worse...

(the latter two were written while I was in Las Vegas)


Matt said...

The first one is great

zero_zero_one said...

Thanks Matt!