Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Day One

Going to start off nice and easy today, will write a few haiku tonight and get some ideas for flash fiction down - maybe have a think about the SFX Pulp Idol...

In time I want to get some kind of organisation together in the side column to help with navigation concerning the different challenges and projects; I might take a stab at it tomorrow, along with working on the look of the blog. I quite like the colour scheme, but want the margins wider and I want to remove my picture too. A few tweaks here and there will keep me happy for now, and then I can start working on the layout issues that I want to correct.

By the way, if anyone reading this has any questions as to why I've chosen some of the challenges that I have, please feel free to ask; I hope to write something about them over the next few days (especially giving some idea as to what some of the maths things actually mean!) but if there are any in particular that you want me to talk about then please let me know.

Day One - sunny outside, happy inside, more or less.

1 comment:

mattiecore said...

What's your plan of attack on the plait presentations of all 11-crossing knots?

Or have you thought about it yet?