Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Thing 22 - Day 23

Well, not quite. I've not written my post for today, but I will soon. I'm really pleased that I've stuck to this, although I am concerned that this weekend I will be going to London and am just hoping that I can find time to write (the good thing is I can always send something from my phone).

So what have I been writing about on Cognitive Blindspot? Well, since you asked:

Day 13 - Overclocked
In which I get a bit excited! (don't worry, it won't last long)

Day 14 - Robinson Crusoe
...men in our circumstances were beyond the operation of fear.

Day 15 - Halfway There
In which I am shocked at a credit card offer.

Day 16 - Changing Traditions
In which I talk about my ambitions and my family's history.

Day 17 - Wordless Wednesday
The empty desk in my former office.

Day 18 - Tired!
In which I expound on the statement that working for a living is tiring.

Day 19 - Curious Symmetry
In which I link to a maths related thing.

Day 20 - Fun and Games
In which I'm rejoicing about the arrival of the weekend.

Day 21 - Iron Chef
In which I announce my culinary ambitions.

Day 22 - Another Way to Die
In which I link to the new Bond theme.

Is it really that long since I wrote about thing 22? Wow. I hadn't realised. That's a lot of formatting to do. Sigh.

Coming soon on Racing Entropy (seriously folks, I promise):
Reviews of Robinson Crusoe, V For Vendetta, and Content, as well as my thoughts on Tropic Thunder, some solutions to Project Euler challenges (or at least how I went about the problems) and some flash fiction. In fact, in the absence of anyone in the office, I think I'm going to start on the latter now.

(that's right blogosphere, I'm sticking it to the Man)

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