Saturday, 13 September 2008

Thing 22 - Twelve Days In

So what have I been talking about over on Cognitive Blindspot? This and that really. I originally started it with noisms to be somewhere that we could just talk about whatever we wanted, and I think the last week has really given some posts that are in that vein, a real variety pack.

Day 5 - Lull
In which I say a few things about a few things, and show a picture of La Princesse.

Day 6 - A Saturday of This and That
In which I tell you about my Saturday. (that was a bit obvious!)

Day 7 - Free Reading
In which I talk about how awesome the library is.

Day 8 - Busy Busy
In which the writer posts a video and asks a question about Bond songs.

Day 9 - Split
In which the writer has a headache. (actually, this has been an issue for the last few days...)

Day 10 - Wordless Wednesday
In which we see my travelling companion freezing.

Day 11 - Several Links
In which I tell you all about some cool things I've found on the internet.

Day 12 - Serendipity
In which a plan comes together.

Life isn't too bad, and I have a very good feeling about the next few months. Will post more later today, have a few book review related things to do, and also want to talk about Project Euler as well, which I've already made a start on.

Take it easy.

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