Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The Graveyard Book

I started reading Neil Gaiman's latest novel, The Graveyard Book, yesterday evening, and finished it just before dinner tonight. I loved it, from start to finish, it totally hooked me. I had read the first third of the book in one go before I realised that I had done it, and then I was about halfway through when I turned the light out last night.

As with most of his other work, it has a fantastic cast of characters and an intriguing set-up, where all is not as it seems. The story moves along at a great pace, the chapters moving forward over years as the main character (Bod, short for Nobody) grows up, raised by a mysterious guardian and watched over by a graveyard full of ghosts.

As National Novel Writing Month approaches The Graveyard Book inspires and scares me in equal measure: inspiring because I want to write something good, and scared that I'll never be able to do anything as brilliant!

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