Thursday, 2 October 2008

Just Like That - Thing 79

How did I forget to report about Thing 79, organising my comics? This was quite a big effort actually, although spread out over a few weeks with one final push; the stuff for the next two years, Thing 80 (cataloguing them) is going to be even bigger. Organising them wasn't so bad. I wouldn't claim that there was an absolute order on them now, but at least they aren't overflowing on to everything, just taking over my room. I bought a big shelving unit to put DVDs and games on, and then used the space that created in my filing cabinet to store the comics.

Marvel is with Marvel (mostly), DC is with DC (mostly) and the indies are off doing their own thing. All is as it should be.

I didn't really get the chance to separate out the ones I was thinking of putting on eBay, but I figure that I can roll that into the next two years of Thing 80.

I'm happy. Nine down, ninety-two to go!

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Bethany said...

Excellent! Once they start getting ticked off the list, they keep getting ticked off!