Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Progress! Out of the blue this afternoon my friend Dave called me up from the UAE, and five minutes later we were talking on MSN. After a half hour chat or so we had booked our flights for our road trip to the States this summer!

I had made it one of my 101 things to visit five US states, way back last April when I wrote my list: fast forward to late August and Dave and I started making plans to go on a road trip from New York to San Francisco. At times as the last couple of months have passed by I have wondered if we would actually do it. Not because neither of us were half-hearted about it, just because things come up, you know? Life gets in the way sometimes, with all the things that it throws in your path.

Well, "Ha-ha!" We're doing it! Flights booked. Fly out to New York on the 6th of July, fly back from San Francisco on the 10th of August.

More on our itinerary as we finalise it!


Anonymous said...

Wooh, wicked! I love it when things just suddenly come together like that. You're going to have an amazing time. Photos, photos and more photos, please!
Ha-ha, Life. Throw all you want, it's too late, plane tickets booked, in your face!
Yes, I am living vicariously through you.

zero_zero_one said...

@sleepercity: I'm sure that I'll be living vicariously through some of your 101 list at some point!

Still riding high on the crest of booking the tickets. I'm spending tomorrow morning looking at places to stay for New York, Las Vegas and San Francisco, as well as checking out motel chains for the road! :D