Monday, 16 January 2012


There was a time when this was a blog about a man who was trying to do 101 things before he was 30. And something even more fantastic than those 101 things happened: I got married. And moved house, travelled across America, went to Japan and then went back to the US for my honeymoon.
I have continued occasionally blogging on my "work" blog. But nothing really personal or about my interests. I'm 31 in a few days, and over the last few weeks I've been thinking more and more about writing and what I want to write.
I'm starting an Open University short module about writing fiction soon, and so returning to blogging proper seems like a complementary thing.
All of this is quite a long and round about way of saying: I'm blogging again. I'm blogging about things that I've been thinking about, things that I might be working on, things that really interest me. I might go back to some of my 101 things. I hope to talk about maths things from time to time.
So, in short order, things that interest me:

  • Books
  • Games
  • Writing
  • Learning
  • Maths
  • Life
I used to go by the handle of zero_zero_one, but now it is NathanRyder. And that's all to say about this!

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